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Meet the Tuttle Twins TV Show

How do you teach your 7 year old about inflation? 
Why should your preteen care about government? 


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What is The Tuttle Twins Show?

Kids. And economics. And freedom. All mashed together in one show.

Join Grandma Gabby as she takes her twin grandkids on wheelchair time-machine adventures to learn about freedom.

What people are saying

“Tuttle Twins is uplifting for children, it’s humorous and some of the principles taught in the episodes took me a couple decades to learn! Adults need to watch Tuttle Twins too.”
"The show is honestly way cooler than what I anticipated. A lot of stuff that has a positive message can be too preachy, but they’ve done a fantastic job with this!”
- Zuby
“As a parent, it’s music to my ears when I see my kids laughing and they’re learning what it means to respect and value freedom.”
- Steven Sharp Nelson

Cool... But why?

The mission of Tuttle Twins is to reach 100 million kids, so in ten-years, when those kids are entering colleges and voting booths, their communities and our world will be a free-er place. We believe a cartoon is a great way educate and entertain kids in ways school can't. 

But making a cartoon like this requires money. In fact, every YEAR taxpayers are forced to give over $2.5 billion to Hollywood in film subsidies.

Tuttle Twins show is funded with ZERO tax dollars. Instead, it’s our fans who fund the show. 

If you want to support Season 2 of the Tuttle Twins and spread the ideas of freedom with kids around the world, you can purchase gifts or buy animated frames of the show.
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